Yoko Nymphe de la forêt

February 1, 2011
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Vue panoramique

Il est évident que cette beauté naturelle se sent tout naturellement chez elle dans les bois.

Le soleil doux s'immisçant au travers des branches joue et danse sur son corps, et la ravissante Yoko semble contente d'être allongée sur le parterre de la forêt et de le laisser la prendre. Une brise légère la caresse, éveillant ses tétons. Effleurant également le reste de sa peau douce, elle s'ouvre alors à ces sensations délicieuses. Vous entendrez presque les oiseaux chanter à sa réjouissance.

Une vraie fée nue au milieu des arbres, prenant du plaisir grâce au toucher délicat de la nature, ne se préoccupant nullement des yeux extérieurs éventuels.

  • Durée d'exécution : 2:24 Minutes
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    • HD 720p (21 Mo)
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Commentaires des Membres

Yoko Forest Nymph
Beautifully depicted: Exquisite Yoko dreaming alone in the warmth of her forest. Delicious!
It may be a short film, but HARDLY BORING!! Yoko is a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman with a fantastic body! Any film of her nude outdoors is great!!! Sometimes a film of a beautiful woman just relaxing and sleeping nude outdoors in the sun is the best cause it lets your imagination take over and makes you want to see more!! Great film!! You're wonderful Yoko!!
waste of film
pretty girl, no content of anything
Agree and her name/origin
I agree with all of the comments: should be 20 minutes with an all-out masturbation and similar lady tonguing her into total orgasmic oblivion with lots of thrashing. Why not? Real Art has no limits like Hegre has put on these video. Yoko is a Japanese name, not Vietnamese. Though it fits my fantasy. Ha!
The only thing wrong with this film is the length. I could easily go for an hour or more of this gorgeous girl. Yoko started the asian invasian. She set the bar super high, and none of the others can touch her. I love that body, that ass, that pussy, those pouty lips, and those just the right size tits! Please don't take too long before launching part 2!
RE: Tease
I totally agree
Very graceful...full natural nudity in nature. Hegre gives us loving caring camera caresses of her pussy, and wonderful raised butt shot to finish off. Well done...just too short!
Absolutely beautiful. A lovely sight of a beautiful nude woman letting the sunlight bathe her. Love the last few moments of the film where you can see the adorable soles of her feet. Love that!
There is a part 2, I hope.
I mean at least that's what the poster suggests.
well, I love it!not only is Yoko gorgeous.But, like I said about Muriel's "In the woods" picture set, I love th voyeuristic aspect of it!
Belly Button Ring
I love this, it is very nice, but two things bother me: the towel seems to have too much color and take away from the serene feeling, and the belly button piercing also seems not to suit. Am I being too harsh? She is a very beautiful woman, but these things stand out for me.
Beautiful and Serene
Yoko I have never really appreciated, but this is a very nice film of her. It shows her beauty in a way I, as someone not at all attracted to asian women, can see. Good work, petter, keep it up!
Looks Familiar
I think I may have walked in that forest! Why am I never so lucky to find this??
I do love the more active films here, but this held me in awe just for its simple beauty. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they don’t like this!
A bit Boring
She is a beautiful woman, and very sexy, but the film as a whole is not that interesting. I did love the long shots from the trees though, where it almost seemed as if I was a hiker who just stumbled upon her!