Pia Petter Paris

August 17, 2010
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Pintura Corporal

Una colaboración a tres bandas entre artista, modelo y fotógrafo. Esta semana nuestra sexy modelo Gabriella se convierte en una verdadera pieza de arte viviente.

Disfruta de algo diferente mientras la artista de la pintura corporal Pia trabaja en el cuerpo desnudo de Gabriella. Con las famosas curvas de Gabriella en escena, tienes garantizado un resultado super sexy e inolvidable.

¡La forma más sexy de la creatividad!

  • Duración: 6:35 Minutos
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Comentarios de los Miembros

The cover for this should be sold in the shop.
That's what it's all about !
Loved it ! And it reminded me why this is the only site where I've subscribed in my whole life. This is more than nudes and porn , this is art. And even if we are all tempted to see more skin and more action , I think staying at the art lever is what sets Hegre apart from the gazzilion other nude site. My advice guys , be carefull about the porn notes that you are introducing latelly . I would be a liar if I said that I didn't whach some of with interest but I also worry about having this place turned into Hustler. As I've said before , the pressure to see/show ever more skin and action must be great.... Keep up the good work!
I'm not a goop and gook fan.
Knew Peter was an artist. Great shoot. Enjoyed it better than the Louvre. I thought your assistant did a great paint job and the model was smokin. Keep experimenting its what grows you guys into the best female form beauty site on the web. Thanks, virtuoso.
Interesting, artistic. I did watch the whole thing. Not real sexy though.
Great film. Kudos to Gabriella for being such a good sport
You sure like to keep us thinking Petter!!
More Gabriella please, that girl is smokin!!!
…but I don’t really like these art type films
Nice to see Gabriella again although I kind of prefer her unpainted. Will she be coming back for more photo sessions?
Cool film
Nice work
Great shooting
This was awesome! Can't wait for the pictures! Definitely gonna print the 8000px on my wall!
well, that was different! very cool!