Stasha A Day At The Beach

May 25, 2010
Fun In The Sun

It’s time to get in the mood for some summer time fun by joining new model Stasha for a day at the beach!

This is Stasha’s debut film for and the self-proclaimed exhibitionist does not disappoint! You get to spend the afternoon with Stasha as she pays a visit to the nude beach at Sitges!

Stasha makes sure she oils up her smooth, firm skin all over to protect from the sun’s rays. And after a spot of sunbathing she enjoys a bouncy little walk along the shore with the ocean lapping away at her feet…

Sexy summer is here at last!

  • Runtime: 8:53 Minutes
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Members' Comments

fabulous honey
Stasha/Stacy/Anastasia... a rose by any other name has scent as sweet. Adorable and delightful. Top class.
Perfectly Beachy
Not a whole lot I can add to paul and allan's comments about beautiful Stasha in a beautiful setting other than bless the vendor who risks falling on the rocks and spilling his wares at 08:09 all for the chance to check out Stasha's backside.
RE: Perfectly Beachy
I would like to get her to destin florida. I would show her more than an excellent time at the beach
very beautiful! I don't think you can have a better beach in Eurpe than the beaches of Spain, the best beaches are by little towns like sitges. and stasha was perfect and elagant. (sorry for my bad english) Allan from Barcelona
Stasha looks her usual example of female perfection, but from someone who lives at the beach, but with no nudes it is just amazing. Thanks Stasha