Kira Vampire For Christmas

December 22, 2009
Twilight Teaser

Watch out there's a vampire about! And you could be next to get bitten…

New model Kira makes her film debut for in a new film that sees Kira in the role of a dangerously sexy vampire. No one is safe from her seductive bite!

But it’s all just a bit of fun for Xmas, and as Kira washes off her vampire blood in the shower we know that this effortlessly sexy young model will have captured your soul forever!

Seductive, sexy and just sensational – come and enjoy Kira…

  • Runtime: 9:17 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Great Little Beauty
She's a cute great built bundle of joy. She has the assets for the camera and knows it. Just hope she does more videos and picture sets. This video was good because of her and her body, but the red kind of turned me off. But the shower scene was great. Wish she had just cut loose and showed us how she loves the water. The first part had great moves but was a tad lacking.
Perfect Harmony
The shower scene compares very favourably with "Lysa Dragon Shower" which has the aesthetic edge. Shower or water features usually fail as the water dominates and obscures the body. But here a perfect balance is achieved and Kira is delightfully featured in gorgeous detail.
The concept -- a nod to Lady Bathory -- is brilliant.
Petter, I like the way you did this video, very hot. Kira can bite me anytime anywhere. Want very much to see more of Kira. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
SMOKIN HOT!!! seem a bit late, though! seem a bit more suited for halloween than christmas! JMHO...awesome video, though!
Bravo Kira
A very accomplished performance by this stunning girl. Kira is a class act and beyond comment by her distracters. Cool cinematography!