Gabriella Lit royal

March 31, 2009
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Dans de beaux draps avec Gabriella

Entièrement nue si ce n’est pour ses bas jarretières extra-fins, Gabriella prend le temps de se prélasser !

Joignez-vous à elle dans la chambre et soyez prêt à vous faire hypnotiser par ses courbes défiant toute gravité. Jouissez de la vue alors que la caméra glisse le long de l’ensemble de son corps vous donnant envie de traverser l’écran et de la toucher.

Qui peut imaginer les pensées de Gabriella alors qu’elle caresse sa douce peau, provoquant de délicieux moments de plaisir et de joie ?

Gabriella sera toujours là pour vous et pour faire monter l’ambiance jusqu’à plus soif !

  • Durée d'exécution : 9:37 Minutes
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Commentaires des Membres

Gravity-defying breasts, marvelous pussy lips, dense pubic hair. What a fantasy fuck!
I think Gabriella is one of my most favourite girls on this Page. I also love Luba, Marketa, Anna S, Muriel and all the other girls, but Gabriella has something special, that makes me really horny. Her skincolour, something between black and white, is really hot. Her Breasts are very large and have a perfect shape. She hasn't got the perfect figure of a model, she's more the curvy girl. And thats what makes her really really awsome. You could touch her anywhere, you would always have your hands full of her flesh! I love also about her, that she's not so shy like some other girls here. I haven't seen many galleries here in which Luba shows her Pussy completely. She just shows it from the front, most time. In the "fishnet stockings" gallerie, are some pictures, where we can see her slut completely. But I would like so see her pussy spreaded. I would like to see her getting a massage, I would like so see her fucked by Hegre or getting fingered! Gabriella shows her pussy, and thats what i love about her. I'm shure that Gabriella's pussy is very thight and fleshy. And I know that her breasts are very firm. I guess she would love getting her titts massaged and squeezed by big strong hands, during a thick, long cock fucks her tight, wet pussy.
As I watched Gabriella roll around on that bed all I could think of was leaving hickies all over her body from my lip-locks and slipping my tongue into her stunning pussy and feeling her cumming on it. Gabriella is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!
Super Awesome!
Very Wonderful seeing Gabriella's curvaceous body rolling around in steamy and jiggly motion. Thank you
Gabriella is something special. Great and very sexy film here
Tasty! Keep it up Petter.
that was officially SCORCHING HOT!!!
Hauntingly Beautiful - Enchanting Musky Delights in Gorgeously extravagant Bed
Gabriella I don't deny that your new style suits you, but, and its a very big but. Your hair was gorgeous, attactive and charismatic and quite probably the envy of the rest of the female population. Believe me. Please, I implore you Gabriella, grow it back. Loved your hair but still love you.