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Wimbledon al Desnudo

June 12, 2007
15 comentarios
¿Alguien quiere jugar tenis?

¿Qué es lo primero que te viene a la cabeza cuando piensas en el Torneo de Wimbledon? ¿Tenis, trajes muy blancos, champán, fresas, el típico clima lluvioso inglés? ¡No, hombre, piensa un poco más!

Petter Hegre le ha dado un giro personal a esta archi-famosa tradición inglesa: ¡ahora, damas y caballeros, les presentamos al nuevo Wimbledon al Desnudo! Estamos en un escenario muy poco común donde el sol siempre brilla; acabas de llegar a tiempo y te sientas frente a la cancha. Se está jugando un doble femenino que te dejará sin aliento cuando las chicas comiencen a brincar, corretear y practicar sus pases.

¿Pero quién ganará? ¿El Equipo de Anna y Linda o el Equipo de Paulina y Angelica? ¡Creenos si te decimos que no querrás perderte este excitante match completamente al desnudo!

  • Duración: 4:12 Minutos
  • Formato:
    • HD 720p (37 MB)
    • SD 480p (24 MB)
    • SD 360p (14 MB)

Comentarios de los Miembros

4 people both but tennis is it ... beautiful is poor
great superpower
god i love X ray vision
Please longer vids like this
I know this is quite a old movie now and they tend to be longer these days thankfully but would love to see a video like this done with 4 or 5 models done with having a fun day playing sport, you could have them do, swimming, ballet then they strip off, nude bareback horse riding, tennis, then finish off with a nude yoga or workout lesson on the lawn. Love to see something like that and make it either a series or large long 40mins-1 hour movie.
Let's play Ball!
Enough of the pouting, and posturing, we want to see them moving and bouncing!
Wonderful but,too short
I want see more. Please make Part 2.
Great. What could be better the four young, beautifull, happy , sporty girls having great time naked. Please more and more movies like this one.
Fabulous! Best bum : Paulina. Best tits : Linda Best face : Angelica . Slimmest :Anna S.
there is a new sport in town: chick-tennis, with probably a lot of giggling on top. And who is the hotest? Anna S, then Angelica and Paulina. Linda L is just like in a still series unmotivated to do anything extra.
I didn't whether to laugh or get turned on.
Hot n Funny
A HDV video of four seriously hot and sexy girls playing lawn tennis totally nude ; this oficially the best video I ever downloaded of the net. No doubt I had expected that my jaw will hit the floor, but Team Hegre went further , as usual :). The girls are not only incredibly hot , sexy and stunningly beautiful , they are also very very funny. I like girls who smile , laugh and make others laugh rather than have a cold stone face , like one girl over here . On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate the video a 20 and the girls definitely a 100. Thanks to the four girls, Petter and his team a million times. By the way Petter , the two girls who lost most certainly deserve a rematch. So please give them a rematch and don't forget your HD cam.
Good but not great
There is nothing like watching beautiful girls just playing around totally nude. But the movie was to short. And some close-ups and slow motion would have been nice.
Sporty models
Sexy, but clumbsy I feel... I think what would make this film ultimately sexy, is, watching one of these (or any other) girls play a sport they can actually play well.. An idea possibly?
I love tennis!!!
Can I teach how to play tennis to these nymphs?
Thank God you got this on film!
A Grand Slam!
Tennis is my new favourite sport...