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Katka Cat Woman

July 25, 2006
Feline Grace

Katka may have the looks of a kitten but when it comes to showing off her feminine charm to the camera she has the majesty of a lioness!

Delicate and calculating, Katka pulls out all the stops as she twists and turns to the music, shedding off one piece of clothing at a time until we are left with an awe inspiring naked beauty, touching her skin like a bathing feline.

Watching this film you may be tempted to reach in the screen and give Katka's blonde curly hair a little pet. Just remember, this cat certainly has claws too!

  • Runtime: 3:30 Minutes
  • Format:
    • SD 304p (16 MB)
    • SD 240p (5.4 MB)

Members' Comments

i will never forget what joy katka gives me thankyoy
I don't know how this isn't top 20; completely perfect woman combined with a nice dance tracks and flawless camera/effects work. At least now I can die satisfied.
lovely Katka
Katerina is always an adorable woman and even her claws can leave nothing but happiness scars

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